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Georgia Lillie

The Blue Horse - Georgia Lillie

The Blue Horse - Georgia Lillie

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Georgia is an accidental writer. A beautiful life punctuated by heartache inspired her to honour the love her late husband had for their boys, and publish her first children’s book in 2022, “My Dad is an Eagle Now”.

Over 400 copies have been sold, and over $9,000 donated to cancer research from the sales. In 2024,

Georgia is collaborating once again with Ilana Greener, publishing their second children’s book together, “The Blue Horse”. Georgia’s stories translate across the ages, and Ilana’s illustrations bring them to life.

“The Blue Horse” takes the reader to the ocean, on a poetic journey of leaning into fear, and riding the waves of life. “Jarrah couldn’t stop the waves, but that was ok, because the waves couldn’t stop her either. The blue horse and Jarrah, they rode every wave.”
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